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A fulfilment of prophecy: Further turmoil and persecution in Mwazha’s church. Members barred from worshipping



There was fresh turmoil and persecution in The African Apostolic Church led by Paul Mwazha after a faction purpotedly led by one of Mwazha’s younger sons, with the help of a team of former BOT members managed to secure an interim relief that bars the church, or any of its members or leaders from setting foot at Guvambwa Shrine in Chikomba District.

In the interim judgment delivered by Justice Chitapi at the High Court, the church is barred from setting foot at the shrine for worship until the sixth of April 2021 when the matter will be set for hearing.

This seems to be the fulfilment of the prophecy of Christ in Mathew 10 “But beware of men, for they will hand you over to the courts and scourge you in their synagogues”

VaApostora at Guvambwa
Thousands of VaApostora at the reverred Shrine, Guvambwa, where they have been barred from going by a judgement delivered on 1 April 2021

Mathew 24“But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you and will persecute you, delivering you to the synagogues and prisons, bringing you before kings and governors for My name’s sake.”

John 16 vs 2 “They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God”

The church faction led by former Board of trustees members has managed to causes anarchy in the church, and mayhem has reigned since this group of Bishops started their shenanigans to gain hold of the church. The General Secretary of the church Bishop Juru, in a conversation with the Harare Sun, sought however to downplay the interim judgment preferring to attribute the decision to pause Easter celebrations by the church at the reverred shrine to Covid19 restrictions. In a phone conversation that this news house is in possession of, Juru bluntly said “Kumusangano hatichaendi nekuda kweCovid19”

Below we list some of the measures and activities taken by the splinter group in an attempt to override the main church group, which commands the respect of the founder Paul Mwazha.

Attempting to stop Mwazha’s senior sons and his trusted bishops from getting access to his residence. Their application was however thrown out for lack of merit.

Attempting to align the church with Pentecostal church unions yet the church is Apostolic.

Attempting to ban all night prayers.

Banning and strictly regulating prophets “kudzima Mweya Mutsvene (in the words of the church founder)

Strictly regulating retreats and wilderness worship *masowe* irregardless of the fact that Jesus worshipped for forty days and forty nights in the wilderness

Doing church meetings in lavish hotels

Falsely accusing the second son of Paul Mwazha of calling himself the Archbishop, something he never said in this entire fiasco

Attempting to expel senior church members that include GS Juru, Mharadze, Tafa, Tsveta, Rusike, Tekeshe, Siyamuzhombwe and other, all of whom form the inner circle of the church, close to the heart of the founder (the Peter, James and John of the church)

Paul Mwazha, in his abundant wisdom, has decided to remain mum on this issue. This has riled some of the splinter faction members who try by all means to kure him to their side without any success. He accepts all and blesses all. Alfred, whom he appointed to be the chairman of the Priesthood Council, a board which represents Mwazha in his absence, has been blessed by the centenarian numerous times as an ambassador of Paul to the church. Two of the bishops, Mharadze and Siyamuzhombwe, had their hands grasped warmly by the Man of God, in which he warmly exclaimed “yava hochekoche, pane achadambura here apa?” This did not sit well with many of the adherents of the splinter group who then upped their persecution moves.

Now the church is being barred from getting access to its holy shrines. All as a result of selfishness of a few individuals. Kereke yafira mumba maasahwira vayo. Ham laughed at his father in his time of weakness, just like what they are doing to the centenarian wise leader. They are destroying the work that took 102 years to build. In his time of physical strength, Paul Mwazha commanded a following of over 3 million adherents in Africa alone, talk more of the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Today, selfishness and greed has split the church that was the pride of many.

The work that Jesus Christ died for, his blood on the cross flowing freely, carrying the sins of mankind, is now in turmoil. He drank to the dregs, the cup of sorrow for mankind to b saved, and now part of mankind has become so selfish as to destroy what he labored for. His mother was deprived of a Son, his siblings of a brother, his disciples of a teacher, and now they are depriving him of his church, persecuting his followers, treading on their right to worship, their right to associate with their leaders, their right to gather and pray, their right to free thought and conscience, that Jesus suffered so much to deliver to them.

Justice has been traversed. Rights have been treaded upon. The church reels as blows are struck against it. But truth and righteousness shall remain. Until the end times are accomplished.

I weep for a lost generation. Adieus

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